Crimson Flare

Card Crimson Flare is one of the many dragons rescued and nurtured by the wide ranging clan of humans founded by AnselaJonla. His egg was found on the slopes of a volcano and taken to a hatchery to be raised.
Once he matured, he found his lifemate, a Misfit Pygmy, among the other AnselaJonla dragons. In the tradition of the AnselaJonla flock, both dragons took the same name, Card, to pass down to any of their offspring that remained within the flock.
Card Crimson Flare is often found bathing in the best patch of heat he can find, even if this means lying on another dragon. He's unusually lazy for a Crimson Flare, and he'll only take to the air if he's forced to. When he does fly, he's one of the fastest in the flock, which makes him an ideal messenger between the far-spread groups, even being willing to carry messages between the humans of the clan.