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RISE - Dark Knight Rises Song (Full music video)03:54

RISE - Dark Knight Rises Song (Full music video)

Welcome to the AJ's Dragon Cave Wiki

This is a site for AnselaJonla to keep a track of the dragons she owns on the Dragon Cave clickables site. Her account there is located under the name Ansela.

Disclaimer: Dragon Cave is owned by T.J. Lipscomb and all copyright goes to him and the artists who created the dragons. This wiki is a personal cataloguing project and I make no money from this venture.




Limited breeding

These dragons can only breed within their sub-types.

Holiday dragons

These dragons only breed true in the week leading up to their respective holidays.


These dragons can all breed with each other, regardless of sub-type.


These breeds are not dragons, don't reproduce, or don't use the "Breed" option to reproduce.

Breeding projects

These breeding projects contain dragons caught/bred specifically for this purpose.

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